History of St. George's College, Obinomba

St. George’s College Obinomba was founded on 5th February, 1960 by the Catholic Mission when the mid-region later Bendel State now Delta State was a part of the Old Western Region. It was a rare opportunity for a division to have a secondary school. 

In the whole of Ukwuani, Ika and Igbo areas of the mid-west region, made up of Old Asaba and Aboh divisions, there were not more than four male secondary schools, all in Old Asaba division with none in Aboh division. The elites of Aboh division took it as a challenge to have a secondary school and for about four years fought to have one. Notable among these people were Chief James I. Izah and Late Chief Stephen Amudoobine. In 1959, the “power that be’’ in Ibadan approved a secondary school for Aboh division to start in 1960 and it was to be a Catholic School. 

The next problem that arose was where the school was to be located. Every community in Aboh division wanted the school to be located in their area. This problem solved in favour of Obinomba for one main consideration, in memory of Late Reverend Father George. 

As God would have it, Reverend Father Bernard Cunningham of blessed memory who had spent a long time in the St. Thomas Teachers Training College at Ibusa was made the first principal of St. George’s Grammar School, Obinomba. 

The site chosen for the school was a thick forest near the dreaded burial ground, it was the believe of the pioneer students that Father Cunningham drove away the evil spirits because he used to pray with his bible in the burial ground. Late Father Cunningham with direct labour, opened up the jungle and erected the block classrooms. All buildings erected during his tenure were built by local builders directly supervised by him, the first set of thirty students arrived from all over the country on 5th February, 1960 in pursuit of knowledge. One of the classrooms was used as office and residence of the principal, one was a lecture room, while remaining two was used as a dormitories and veranda was used as a dinning place.

To assist the principal, was one Mr. Alisah now late, who was the first tutor. As the year past, more students were admitted and more tutors (indigenous and expatriate) were employed. In those years all new secondary schools were made to undergo a six years course before sitting for the certificate examination until the school was found satisfactory by the Ministry of Education. With discipline and hard work the first set of students performed very well in their fifth year in the London General Certificate of Education (90%) when the school was denied registration for the School Certificate Examination in the fifth year by the Ministry of Education in the newly created Mid-West Region.

St. George’s College was one of the forty schools that handed back to the mission by the Delta State Government. The school was officially handed back to the Catholic Mission in July 2012.

In the 2011/2012 academic session, the school started with seven(7) students. As time may be, the population increased from seven (7) students to 202 students under the principal ship of Rev. Fr. Alfred Bekibele.

St. George’s College is co-educational with boarding facilities, well equipped science laboratory and library. 

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